Reports and publications

Solidarity and Cost Management: Swiss Citizens' Reasons for Priorities Regarding Health Insurance Coverage - 2018

Authors: Hurst, S., Goold, S.D., Danis, M.

Employment Status and Health Characteristics of Adults With Expanded Medicaid Coverage in Michigan - 2017

Authors: Tipirneni, R., Goold, S.D., Ayanian, J.Z.

Priorities for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: The Views of Minority and Underserved Communities - 2017

Authors: Goold, S.D., Myers, C.D., Szymecko, L., Cunningham Collins, C., Martinez, S., Ledón, C., Campbell, T.R., Danis, M., Solomon Cargill, S, Kim, H.M., Rowe, Z

Show me the money! An analysis of underserved stakeholders’ funding priorities in Patient Centered Outcomes Research domains - 2017

Authors: Cargill Solomon, S., Baker, L., Goold, S.D.

The State as Community in Community-Based Participatory Research - 2016

Authors: Goold, S.D., Rowe, Z., Calhoun, K., Campbell, T., Danis, M., Hammad, A., Salman, C., Szymecko, L., Coombe, C.

Choosing the Benefit Package from the BPJS Program: Findings from CHAT Experiment - 2016

Authors: Susanty, A., Budi Puspitasari, N., Adi Wicaksono, P., Anajani Punky, P.P.

There is a Mismatch Between the Medicare Benefit Package and the Preferences of Patients with Cancer and Their Caregivers - 2014

Authors: Taylor, D.H., Danis, M., Zafar, S.Y., Howie, L.J., Samsa, G.P., Wolf, S.P., Abernathy, A.P.

A decision exercise to engage cancer patients and families in Deliberation about Medicare Coverage for advanced Cancer Care

Authors: Marion Danis M, Taylor DH, Jr., Zafar SY, Samsa GP, Wolf SP, Abernethy AP

Laypersons' Choices and Deliberations for Mental Health Coverage - 2012

Authors: Evans-Lacko, S., Baum, N.M., Danis, M., Biddle, A., Goold, S.D.

Financial Protection in Health Insurance Schemes: A Comparative Analysis of Mediclaim Policy and CHAT Scheme in India - 2012

Authors: Vellakkal, S.

Deliberation to Enhance Awareness of and Prioritize Socioeconomic Interventions for Health - 2011

Authors: Pesce, J.E., Kpaduwa, C.S., Danis, M.

Priorities of Low-Income Urban Residents for Interventions to Address the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health-2010

Authors: Danis, M., Kotwani, N., Garrett, J., Rivera, I., Davies-Cole, J., Carter-Nolan, P.

Experience in the United States with Public Deliberation about Health Insurance Benefits Using the Small Group Decision Exercise, CHAT - 2010

Authors: Danis, M., Ginsburg, M., Goold, S.D.

North Dakota CHAT Report - 2010

North Dakota Insurance Department

The Views of Low-Income Employees Regarding Mandated Comprehensive Employee Benefits for the Sake of Health - 2010

Authors: Adikes, K.A., Hull, S.C., Danis, M.

The Malleability of Belief in a Just Word: Evidence from a Health Resource Allocation Exercise - 2008

Authors: Lucas, T., Goold, S.D.

Health Insurance Benefit Packages Prioritized by Low-Income Clients in India - 2007

Authors: Dror, D., Koren, R., Ost, A., Binnendijk, E., Vellakkal, S., Danis, M.

Low-Income Employees' Choices for Employment Benefits Aimed at Improving the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health - 2007

Authors: Danis, M., Lovett, F., Sabik, L. , Adikes, K., Cheng, G., Aomo, T.

Enhancing Employee Capacity to Prioritize Health Insurance Benefits - 2007

Authors: Danis, M., Goold, S.D., Parise, S., Ginsburg, M.

The Coverage Priorities of Disabled Adult Medi-Cal Beneficiaries - 2006

Authors: Danis, M., Ginsburg, M., Goold, S.D.

(De)constructing ‘Basic’ Benefits: Citizens Define The Limits Of Coverage - 2006

Authors: Ginsburg, M., Goold, SD., Danis, M.

"Choosing Healthplans All Together" A Deliberative Exercise for Allocating Limited Health Care Resources - 2005

Authors: Goold, SD., Biddle, A., Klipp, G., Hall, C., Danis, M

Development and Evaluation of a Computer Decision Exercise for Consumer Participation in Insurance Benefit Planning -2005

Authors: Danis M, Benavides E, Nowak M, Goold SD

Will Insured Citizens Give Up Benefit Coverage to Include the Uninsured? -2004

Authors: Goold, S.D., Green, S.A., Biddle, A.K., Benavides, E., Danis, M.

Enrollees Choose Priorities for Medicare - 2004

Authors: Danis, M., Biddle, AK., Goold, SD.

Making Tough Choices: Adults with Disabilities Prioritize Their Medi-Cal Options -2004

Author: Sacramento Healthcare Decisions

Ginsburg M. (Center for Health Care Decisions, Rancho Cordova, CA). When Options Exceed Resources: Making Tradeoffs in Healthcare Benefits. Final Report. Sacramento Healthcare Decisions. 2003 Oct.

When Options Exceed Resouces: Making Tradeoffs in Healthcare Benefits -2003

Author: Ginsburg, M. (Center for Health Care Decisions)

Insurance Benefit Preferences of the Low-Income Uninsured - 2002

Authors: Danis, M., Biddle, A., Goold, SD.