Reports and publications

Trust and Distrust in Low-Income Michigan Residents During the Early COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study - 2023

Authors: Waidyaratne G, Steinbrook E, Roy S, Opuku A, Jaffe K, Goold SD

A Conceptual Framework for Clinical and Translational Virtual Community Engagement Research - 2022

Authors: Rubyan M, Trinidad MG, Ryan KA, Spiroff M, Goold SD, Burns J, Calhoun K, Rowe Z, Büyüktür A, Piechowski P, Platt J

How Would Low-Income Communities Prioritize Medicaid Spending? - 2020

Authors: Myers CD, Kieffer EC, Fendrick AM, Kim HM, Calhoun K, Szymecko L, LaHahnn L, Ledón C, Danis M, Rowe Z, Goold SD

Evaluating Community Deliberations About Health Research Priorities - 2019

Authors: Goold SD, Danis M, Abelson J, Gornick M, Szymecko L, Myers CD, Rowe Z, Kim HM, Salman C

Members of Minority and Underserved Communities Set Priorities for Health Research - 2018

Authors: Goold SD, Myers CD, Danis M, Abelson J, Barnett S, Calhoun K, Campbell EG, LaHahnn L, Hammad A, Rosenbaum R, Kim HM, Salman C, Szymecko L, Rowe Z

Does Group Deliberation Mobilize? The Effect of Public Deliberation on Willingness to Participate in Politics - 2018

Authors: Myers CD, Gordon HG, Kim HM, Rowe Z, Goold SD

Solidarity and Cost Management: Swiss Citizens' Reasons for Priorities Regarding Health Insurance Coverage - 2018

Authors: Hurst S, Goold SD, Danis M

Employment Status and Health Characteristics of Adults With Expanded Medicaid Coverage in Michigan - 2017

Authors: Tipirneni R, Goold SD, Ayanian JZ

Priorities for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: The Views of Minority and Underserved Communities - 2017

Authors: Goold SD, Myers CD, Szymecko L, Cunningham Collins C, Martinez S, Ledón C, Campbell TR, Danis M, Solomon Cargill S, Kim HM, Rowe Z

Show me the money! An analysis of underserved stakeholders’ funding priorities in Patient Centered Outcomes Research domains - 2017

Authors: Cargill Solomon S, Baker L, Goold SD

The State as Community in Community-Based Participatory Research - 2016

Authors: Goold SD, Rowe Z, Calhoun K, Campbell T, Danis M, Hammad A, Salman C, Szymecko L, Coombe C

Longitudinal Trends in Enrollees’ Employment and Student Status After Medicaid Expansion - 2022

Authors: Tipirneni R, Kieffer EC, Ayanian JZ, Patel MR, Kirch MA, Luster JE, Karmakar M, Goold SD

Beneficiaries’ Perspectives on Improved Oral Health and its Mediators after Medicaid Expansion in Michigan: A Mixed Methods Study - 2022

Authors: Kieffer EC, Goold SD, Buchmueller T, Nalliah R, Beathard E, Kirch MA, Solway E, Tipirneni R, Clark SJ, Haggins AN, Patel MR, Ayanian JZ

Self-Reported Health Status Improved For Racial And Ethnic Minority Groups After Michigan Medicaid Expansion - 2021

Authors: Su-En Lee M, Beathard E, Kirch M, Solway E, Lewallen M, Tipirneni R, Patel M, Rowe Z, Goold SD

Examination of Changes in Health Status Among Michigan Medicaid Expansion Enrollees From 2016 to 2017 - 2020

Authors: Patel MR, Tipirneni R, Kieffer EC, Kullgren JT, Ayanian JZ, Chang T, Solway E, Beathard E, Kirch M, Lee S, Clark S, Skillicorn J, Rowe Z, Goold SD

Health Risk Assessments in Michigan’s Medicaid Expansion: Early Experiences in Primary Care - 2020

Authors: Zhang E, Tipirneni R, Beathard ER, Lee S, Kirch MA, Salman C, Solway E, Clark SJ, Haggins AN, Kieffer EC, Ayanian JZ, Goold SD

Primary Care, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention with Michigan Medicaid Expansion - 2020

Authors: Goold SD, Tipirneni R, Chang T, Kirch MA, Bryant C, Rowe Z, Beathard E, Solway E, Lee S, Clark SJ, Skillicorn J, Ayanian JZ, Kullgren JT

Engagement with Health Risk Assessments and Commitment to Healthy Behaviors in Michigan's Medicaid Expansion Program - 2020

Authors: Kelley AT, Goold SD, Ayanian JZ, Patel M, Zhang E, Beathard E, Chang T, Solway E, Tipirneni R

Association of Medicaid Expansion With Enrollee Employment and Student Status in Michigan - 2020

Authors: Tipirneni R, Ayanian JZ, Patel MR, Kieffer EC, Kirch MA, Bryant C, Kullgren JT, Clark SJ, Lee S, Solway E, Chang T, Haggins AN, Luster J, Beathard E, Goold SD

The Association of Expanded Medicaid Coverage with Health and Job-Related Outcomes among Enrollees with Behavioral Health Disorders - 2020

Authors: Tipirneni R, Patel MR, Goold SD, Kieffer EC, Ayanian JZ, Clark SJ, Lee S, Bryant C, Kirch MA, Solway E, Luster J, Lewallen M, Zivin K

Diagnosis and Care of Chronic Health Conditions Among Medicaid Expansion Enrollees: a Mixed-Methods Observational Study - 2019

Authors: Rosland AM, Kieffer EC, Tipirneni R, Kullgren JT, Kirch M, Arntson EK, Clark SJ, Lee S, Solway E, Beathard E, Ayanian JZ, Goold SD

Factors Influencing Primary Care Providers’ Decisions to Accept New Medicaid Patients under Michigan’s Medicaid Expansion - 2019

Authors: Tipirneni R, Kieffer EC, Ayanian JZ, Campbell EG, Salman C, Clark SJ, Chang T, Haggins AN, Solway E, Kirch MA, Goold SD

Changes in Health and Ability to Work Among Medicaid Expansion Enrollees: a Mixed Methods Study - 2019

Authors: Tipirneni R, Kullgren JT, Ayanian JZ, Kieffer EC, Rosland AM, Chang T, Haggins AN, Clark SJ, Lee S, Solway E, Kirch MA, Mrukowicz C, Beathard E, Sears E, Goold SD

Cost Conversations between Primary Care Providers and Patients with Expanded Medicaid Coverage - 2018

Authors: Tipirneni R, Patel MR, Kirch MA, Goold SD

Association of Access to Family Planning Services With Medicaid Expansion Among Female Enrollees in Michigan - 2018

Authors: Moniz MH, Kirch MA, Solway E, Goold SD, Ayanian JZ, Kieffer EC, Clark SJ, Tipirneni R, Kullgren JT, Chang T

Primary Care Clinicians’ Views About the Impact of Medicaid Expansion in Michigan: A Mixed Methods Study - 2018

Authors: Goold SD, Tipirneni R, Haggins A, Salman C, Kieffer E, Solway E, Szymecko L, Ayanian JZ, Chang T, Rowe Z, Clark S, Lee S, Campbell EG

Report on the 2016 Healthy Michigan Voices Enrollee Survey: Supplemental Analyses - 2018

Authors: Goold SD, Kullgren J

Primary Care Clinicians' Views of the Healthy Michigan Plan-2018

Authors: Goold SD, Tipirneni R, Haggins A, Campbell E, Salman C, Kieffer E, Solway E, Szymecko L, Clark S, Lee S

Report on the 2016 Healthy Michigan Voices Enrollee Survey - 2018

Authors:  Goold SD, Kullgren J

Healthy Michigan Plan Results - 2018

Moving Towards Social Inclusion: Engaging Rural Voices in Priority Setting for Health - 2024

Authors: Tugendhaft A, Christofides N, Stacey N, Kahn K, Erzse A, Danis M, Gold M, Hofman K

What Works in Engaging Communities? Prioritising Nutrition Interventions in Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa - 2023

Authors: Watson D, Barker M, Boua PR, Chatio S, Compaoré A, Danis M, Dalaba M, Erzse A, Hardy-Johnson P, Kehoe SH, Hofman KJ

What Values Drive Communities' Nutrition Priorities in a Resource Constrained urban Area in South Africa? - 2023

Authors: Erzse A, Rwafa-Ponela T, Goldstein S, Motlhatlhedi M, Watson D, Hofman KJ, Danis M, Norris SA, Ward KA, Tugendhaft A

Engaging Community Members in Setting Priorities for Nutrition Interventions in Rural Northern Ghana - 2022

Authors: Dalaba MA, Nonterah EA, Chatio ST, Adoctor JK, Dambayi E, Nonterah EW, Azalia S, Ayi-Bisah D, Erzse A, Watson D, Hardy-Johnson P

What are the Roles of Social, Behavioural and Community Engagement Approaches in Promoting Maternal and Child Nutrition in Communities in Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa? - 2022

Authors: Watson D

CHAT SA: Modification of a Public Engagement Tool for Priority Setting for a South African Rural Context - 2022

Authors: Tugendhaft A, Danis M, Christofides N, Kahn K, Erzse A, Gold M, Twine R, Khosa A, Hofman K

Deliberative Engagement Methods on Health Care Priority-Setting in a Rural South African Community - 2021 

Authors: Tugendhaft A, Hofman K, Danis M, Kahn K, Erzse A, Twine R, Gold M, Christofides N

Engaging the Public in Priority Setting for Nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa - 2021

Authors: Erzse A, Boua PR, Dalaba M, Compaore A, Watson D, Hardy-Johnson P, Kehoe SH, Sorgho H, Nonterah EA, Tugendhaft A, Ward K

Critical Systems Thinking Towards Enhancing Community Engagement in Micro-Insurance - 2018

Authors: Chowdhury R, Jangle N

Choosing the Benefit Package from the BPJS Program: Findings from CHAT Experiment - 2016

Authors: Authors: Susanty A, Budi Puspitasari N, Adi Wicaksono P, Anajani Punky PP

There is a Mismatch Between the Medicare Benefit Package and the Preferences of Patients with Cancer and Their Caregivers - 2014

Authors: Taylor DH, Danis M, Zafar SY, Howie LJ, Samsa GP, Wolf SP, Abernathy AP

A Decision Exercise to Engage Cancer Patients and Families in Deliberation About Medicare Coverage for advanced Cancer Care – 2014

Authors: Danis M, Taylor DH, Jr., Zafar SY, Samsa GP, Wolf SP, Abernethy AP 

Laypersons' Choices and Deliberations for Mental Health Coverage - 2012

Authors: Evans-Lacko S,  Baum NM, Danis M, Biddle A, Goold SD

Financial Protection in Health Insurance Schemes: A Comparative Analysis of Mediclaim Policy and CHAT Scheme in India - 2012

Authors: Vellakkal S

Deliberation to Enhance Awareness of and Prioritize Socioeconomic Interventions for Health - 2011

Authors: Pesce JE, Kpaduwa CS, Danis M

Priorities of Low-Income Urban Residents for Interventions to Address the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health - 2010

Authors: Danis M, Kotwani N, Garrett J, Rivera I, Davies-Cole J, Carter-Nolan P

Experience in the United States with Public Deliberation about Health Insurance Benefits Using the Small Group Decision Exercise, CHAT - 2010

Authors: Danis M, Ginsburg M, Goold SD

North Dakota CHAT Report - 2010

North Dakota Insurance Department 

The Views of Low-Income Employees Regarding Mandated Comprehensive Employee Benefits for the Sake of Health - 2010

Authors: Adikes KA, Hull SC, Danis M

The Malleability of Belief in a Just Word: Evidence from a Health Resource Allocation Exercise - 2008

Authors: Lucas T, Goold SD

Low-Income Employees' Choices for Employment Benefits Aimed at Improving the Socio-Economic Determinants of Health - 2007

Authors: Danis M, Lovett F, Sabik L, Adikes K, Cheng G, Aomo T

Demystifying Micro Health Insurance Package Design - Choosing Healthplans All Together (Chat) - 2007

Author: Dror I

Enhancing Employee Capacity to Prioritize Health Insurance Benefits - 2007

Authors: Danis M, Goold SD, Parise S, Ginsburg M

Health Insurance Benefit Packages Prioritized by Low-Income Clients in India - 2007

Authors: Dror D, Koren R, Ost A, Binnendijk E, Vellakkal S, Danis M

The Coverage Priorities of Disabled Adult Medi-Cal Beneficiaries - 2006

Authors: Danis M, Ginsburg M, Goold SD

(De)constructing ‘Basic’ Benefits: Citizens Define The Limits Of Coverage - 2006

Authors: Ginsburg M, Goold SD, Danis M

"Choosing Healthplans All Together" A Deliberative Exercise for Allocating Limited Health Care Resources - 2005

Authors: Goold SD, Biddle A, Klipp G, Hall C, Danis M

Development and Evaluation of a Computer Decision Exercise for Consumer Participation in Insurance Benefit Planning -2005

Authors: Danis M, Benavides E, Nowak M, Goold SD 

Will Insured Citizens Give Up Benefit Coverage to Include the Uninsured? -2004

Authors: Goold SD, Green SA, Biddle AK, Benavides E, Danis M

Enrollees Choose Priorities for Medicare - 2004

Authors: Danis M, Biddle AK, Goold SD

Making Tough Choices: Adults with Disabilities Prioritize Their Medi-Cal Options -2004

Sacramento Healthcare Decisions

When Options Exceed Resources: Making Tradeoffs in Healthcare Benefits - 2003

Sacramento Healthcare Decisions

Insurance Benefit Preferences of the Low-Income Uninsured - 2002

Authors: Danis M, Biddle A, Goold SD